Growth And Characterization of Nonlinear Optical Material: Alanine Barium Chloride

  • Jothi.L NKR Arts College for women, Namakkal
  • Venkatesan.K PG and Research Department of Physiscs, SVM College of Arts and Science, Uthangarai
  • Anandaraj.L Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur


Single crystals of Alanine Barium Chloride (ABC), a semi organic nonlinear optical material has been grown from solution by slow evaporation at ambient temperature. The growth of crystals has been carried out at various pH values and the growth was confirmed at pH 5.7. The chemical composition of the grown crystals was determined by the FTIR spectra. The structure is built from alternate layers of L-alanine organic molecules and inorganic layers consisting of Ba+ ions and Cl- ions. The transmittance and absorption of the crystal was studied by UV-Vis spectrometer.