A Study on Spirituality in Alice Walker’s The Color Purple

  • Dhanalakshmi D Department of English, Sri Vidya Mandir Arts & Science College, Uthangarai, T.N
  • Govindaraj C Department of English, Periyar University PG Ext. Centre, Dharmapuri. T.N
Keywords: Spirituality, Epistolary, Struggle


Representation of spirituality belief in Alice Walker’s The Color Purple, is distinguishable. Celie has spiritual belief on God too much. She believes that God will rescue her father and husband from the struggle. The Color Purple is an epistolary novel, which means expressing through letter. She initially imagines God as an old white man, something like Dumbledore or Gandalf. But as a black woman who’s been abused by men all her life, Celie eventually begins to rebel against this image of God. She  begins to see God as genderless and raceless, a more universal being who wants humans to enjoy all aspects of life—from nature to sex to the color purple.