Growth and Characterization of L-Alanine Doped Thiourea Cadmium Chloride Single Crystal

  • Selvapandiyan M P.G. and Research Department of Physics, Sri Vidya Mandir Arts & Science College, Uthangarai, India-636 902
Keywords: NLO Crystals;, Evaporatin technique;, XRD;, Uv-Visible;, FTIR


L-alanine thiourea cadmium chloride single crystal has been grown by the slow evaporation method.They are identified as useful crystalsfor nonlinear optical applicationsin optical communication, optical switching, optical data storage, frequency conversion and electro- optical modulation. In this work, the grown crystal was characterized powder XRD analysis, FT- IR analysis and UV-vis-NIR analysis. From the XRD analysis the crystalline nature of the material is confirmed. The addition of L-alanine changes the crystal structure. The presence of various functional groups present into (LATCC) crystals has been confirmed by FT-IR analysis. The UV- Visible spectrum shows the cut off wavelength and forbidden gap of the crystal