Self Help Groups In Women Empowerment – A Socio – Economic Analysis

  • Kasthuri R PG and Research Department of Commerce, Sri Vidya Mandir Arts and Science College, Uthangarai, India - 636 902
  • Jayaraman K Department of Economics, Periyar University, Salem - 11.
Keywords: Women empowerment,, economic conditions in SHGs Members


The Early Vedio Period had a great time for the development of women. Even the Sangam period in Tamil Nadu Vividly Portrayed the great importance accorded to women poets like Awaiyar and Kakkaipadineeyar. The later Vedio period was a dark period as it led to the downfall in the social status of women. We venerate women as deities, but long for considering them as commodity for gaiety.This attitude has slowly been changing due to the legal protection, revelation in employment, mass awareness and the growing economic independence of women.The researcher analysing the social, economic conditions of Self Help Groups members in Dharmapuri district. There is no fully empowerment of social and economic empowerment. There is a positive correlation between the social status enjoyed after joining SHG and functional areas of SHGs such as usage of microfinance, supporting agency, managerial capabilities and motivation. The only variable that is negatively correlated is the leadership quality. We conclude by emphasizing the need for further research on other The present study analyses the empowerment of various dimensions among the members of women Self-Help Group in Dharmapuri district. Since the study area Dharmapuri is one of the most backward areas of Tamil Nadu, the women development has been very poor in this area. It considers the analysis of the women Self-Help Group members’ empowerment such as social empowerment and economic empowerment