A Study on Working of Primary Health Care Centres in Tiruvannamalai Block

  • Sankar S Department of Economics, Government Arts College, Tiruvannmalai
Keywords: Health Care,, Primary Health centers,, Tiruvannamalai


Healthy population is considered to be the engine of economic growth. A healthy person can work with efficiency to earn wealth. Collective wealth of all those persons gives rise to the wealth of the nation. Most evaluations of India’s primary health care (PHC) program have been critical of the ways government primary health centers have been functioning. It has been commonly noted that utilization of health services is poor and community participation in the PHC outreach program low. Additionally, medical officers and health center staff are often accused of being negligent in their duties. Attention is drawn to the ingenious ways in which health personnel respond to client demands and government medicine shortages. In this study, an attempt has been made to examine primary health center in Tiruvannamalai block. Primary-level education, household income, and village-level infrastructure and amenities are found to increase the probability of choosing private health care over any other type of facility was analysis.