Corruption - The Menace Afflicting the Democratic Country

  • Jayaraman K Department of Economics, Govt. Arts College, Thiruvannamalai, India - 606603
  • Sukumar S.N PG and Research Department of Economics, RKM Vivekananda College (Autonomous), Chennai, India - 600004
Keywords: Corruption, Child Psychology, Stringent Laws, Awareness


Indian sub-continent has been known for its rich culture and simplicity. Almost all the religions speak high of morality and ethical business at all levels. But we witness corruption spreading its tentacles in many parts of the world. Even Kautilya talks about twenty-four ways of corruption prevailed during his period of time. This corruption is not only monetary related, but also psychological problem. The interest of people to lead a luxurious life affect the normal work culture and it continues to last for a long period.