Crystal Growth and Studies of Pure and Cd Doped Lithium Sulphate Single Crystals

  • Selvapandiyan M P.G. and Research Department of Physics, Sri Vidya Mandir Arts & Science College, Uthangarai, India-636 902
Keywords: Slow evaporation;, XRD;, FTIR;, UV-vis spectroscopy;, Dielectric properties


The pure and Cd doped LiSO4 single crystals have been grown by the slow evaporation method at room temperature. The grown crystals were subjected to various studies such as XRD, FTIR, dielectric, Microhardness and UV-Visible studies. The work hardening coefficients of the grown materials are 2.93 and 3.3. The dielectric constant & dielectric loss measurements were carried out for different temperature & frequencies. The dielectric loss is very low at high frequency. Single crystal X- ray diffraction analysis reveals that the crystals belong to the structure of monoclinic. The functional groups and modes of vibrations were identified by FTIR spectrum. The cut off wavelength and the transparency of grown pure and cadmium doped single crystal of lithium sulphate has been measured using UVVisible spectral analysis