Excellence in Teaching of Higher Education – Towards Building a Greater Nation

  • Arul K Principal, Sri Vidya Mandir Arts and Science College, Uthangarai
Keywords: Higher Education,, nation building,, effectiveness, research


Education is the important factor responsible for positive changes in the lives of millions of people around the world. Higher education is opening the doors of opportunities for the individuals and the nation to develop a lot. We can transform the society through the modern technology and the innovative ideas springing in the field of higher education. The world comprises of more poor and the developing nations and their fates could be changed if we judiciously use the higher education system. Education has many objectives to be cherished and followed. Societal and nation building must be accorded an important place in the dissemination of higher education among the masses. The traditional method of education has paved way for the modern method of education and the knowledge is the torch light that could dispel the darkness in the world of the taught. The opinion of the faculty and the students who receive the higher education are analyzed to know the net result. India is developing almost in all areas for which the professionals are derived from the higher education sector.