Importance of Agriculture - A Study

  • Sathiyakala R Assistant Professor of Economics, Sri Vidya Mandir Arts and Science college katteri, Uthangarai., Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Anand Raj A Research Scholar, PG & Research department of Economics, Sri Vidya Mandir Arts and Science college, katteri, Uthangarai Tamil Nadu, India.
Keywords: Agriculture, Indian Economy, GDP


Agriculture is an essential part of India's economy and at present it is among the top two farm producers in the world. This sector provides approximately 52 per
cent of the total number of jobs available in India and contributes around 13.08 per cent to the GDP. Agriculture is the only means of living for almost half of the employed class in India. As being stated by the economic data of financial year 2014-2015, agriculture has acquire 14.3 per cent of India's GDP. The agriculture sector of India has occupied almost 50 per cent of India's geographical area. Now, we will study about agriculture which is the power of character of Indian economy. In India around 52% of the population earns its livelihood from agriculture. It still provides livelihood to the people in our country. It fulfills the basic need of human being and animals. It is an important source of raw material for many agro based industries. India’s geographical condition is unique for agriculture because it provides many favorable conditions. There are plain areas, fertile soil, long growing season and wide difference in climatic
condition etc. Independently from unique geographical conditions, India has been constantly making inventive efforts by using science and technology to increase production. The present paper is attempt of analyze with importance of agriculture in the present scenario.