Studies on the electrical, linear and nonlinear optical properties of nickel thiocyanate (NTC) , an efficient NLO crystal

  • Sakthi P P. G&Research department of Physics, Govt. Arts college, (Grade A), Thiruvannamalai-606603, TN, India.
  • Rajasekaran R Principal, T. K. Govt. Arts College, (Grade A), Virudhachalam-606001, TN, India
  • Balasubramanian D P. G&Research department of Physics, Govt. Arts college, (Grade A), Thiruvannamalai-606603
Keywords: A. Metal inorganic;, B. Synthesis and Crystal growth;, C. Optical properties;, D. Nonlinear optical E. TG/DTA Analysis.


Grown crystals of nickel thiocyanate Ni (SCN) 2 (NTC) have been successfully synthesized and grown by slow evaporation technique using water as solvent at room temperature. The crystal system and cell parameters of the grown crystal were analyses of single crystal X-ray diffraction study. The powder XRD pattern was recorded and indexed. Elemental analysis of the synthesized NTC was studied by CHN analysis. The crystal was characterized by different techniques for finding its suitability for device fabrications. The functional groups were identified from FTIR analysis. Optical transparency of the grown crystal was observed by UV-visible spectroscopy. The nonlinear optical efficiency of the grown crystal was estimated by the Kurtz powder method. Dielectric measurement of NTC grown crystal was carried out for various frequencies and different temperatures and the results are discussed. The Vickers hardness number was calculated and it is found that hardness number increase with the increasing applied load