Plasma (Ion) Nitriding of Low Alloy Steel (EN19 grade) and Investigation of Its Physico-Mechanical Properties

  • P.Kuppuraj PG & Research Department of Physics, Pachiyappa’s College, Chennai- 600 030, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Gunasekaran SAIF-SPU, Research and Development, St.Peter’s University, Avadi, Chennai -600 054, Tamil Nadu,
  • Puliarasan Department of Mechanical Engg. AVIT College, Paiyanoor, Kancheepuram -603104, Tamil Nadu, India.
Keywords: Ion/Plasma Nitriding (PIN);, Mechanical Properties of EN19;, Metallurgical Aspects of Plasma (Ion) Nitriding;, EN19; Nitrided steel.


The Plasma (Ion) Nitriding technology shows a clear orientation towards future developments. Hence,
it ideally satisfies current and future industrial demands for economical and efficient solutions to the
treatment of surfaces. It is also an answer to social demands for improved environmental protection.
This technology uses Plasma as a gaseous charged particles (electrons, ions etc.,) as well as electrically
neutral atoms and molecules the plasma envelopes the work pieces to be treated, which are set up,
electrically insulated in a vacuum vessel. The electrically activated plasma and the influence of pressure
and temperature now induce a thermo-chemically controlled change on the surface of the work pieces.
The pulse plasma technique can be applied to the hardening, coating or etching of surfaces. The process
is precisely controlled and easily adapted to many fields of application by using different gases and
elements. Precision control is guaranteed by plasma activation in pulse - like intervals. The destructive
effects of electric arcs to the treated surfaces are reliably avoided. The distinctive features of this technique are its highly efficient use of energy and gas as well as the omission of chemical baths, substances and waste products. In the present study, we attempt to develop a novel correlation between the micro-structural features of the sample materials with their macro level Physico-Mechanical properties. i.e., we are interested to study the physico mechanical behaviors of EN 19 Steel at Liquid, Gas and Plasma Nitriding process. After Nitriding, the qualitative results are compared and conclude, which is the successive process for EN 19 steel, in timely as well as economically and also we interestedto study the physico-mechanical characteristics of this EN19 steel.