Error Analysis in the Usage of Present Tense Among Arts and Science Students

  • Abinaya P Research Scholar, Department of English, Sri VidyaMandir Arts and Science College, Uthangarai.
  • Sri Devi P Assistant professor, Department of English,Sri VidyaMandir Arts and Science College, Uthangarai.
Keywords: Error Analysis, Present Perfect Tense,, Present Perfect Continuous Tense


The present study analyses errors on Simple Present tense among Arts and Science Students. This Research focuses on arts and science students pursuing non- English degree courses and who have taken English as second language (ESL). Objectives of this study are to be identify the areas where students constrain most errors in the usage of the present perfect tense and Present Perfect Continuous tense in particular and to find out some ground reasons for it. In Methodology error analysis procedures are applied. Research samples consisted of 53 students from other courses. From the findings, it can be seen that many students committed errors involving grammatical items. Some factors have been identified to contribute to the problem such as : lack of knowledge and competence of the English grammar, influence of the mother tongue, loan words and lack of exposure of the English language. Some suggestions and recommendations have
been made to address this problem. They included giving ample of exercises and practice to students. All these efforts are meant for remedies to solve the problem of the students