Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of α-amino acids by Prydinium chloro chromate in acetic acid on surfactants

  • Prasath M M.Phil Scholar, Sri Vidya Mandir Art & Science College, Katteri, Uthangarai
Keywords: α-Hydroxyacids, Sodium Lauryl sulphate (NaLS), Oxidation, Prydinium Chloro Chromate (PCC)


Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of α-hydroxy acids and Co (III) complexes of α-Amino acids by Prydinium Chloro Chromate (PCC) in 50% (v/v) Acetic acid with surfactants have been studied. The rate of oxidation of the reaction is increased with increasing substrate concentrations, perchloric acid, Temperature, Surfactants etc., The rate of oxidation enhances by adding cationic micelles CTAB and the higher rates were observed in Lactic acid and Lactato Co (III) complexes. All the kinetic runs were carried out by spectrophotometrically at 365nm.The mechanism of reaction was suggested by Synchronous C-H Cleavage with two electron transfer and the formation of the product is α-keto acids