Service quality on relationship marketing and customers’ buying behaviuor reference to health insurance industry in Coimbatore

  • Murugesan R PRIMS, Periyar University, Salem – 636011
Keywords: Service Quality, Customers, Buying Behaviour, Health Insurance, Perceived Quality, Customer Relationship


This study evaluates the impact of customer’s perceived service quality on relationship commitment, relationship satisfaction and trust asrelationship marketing orientations and then examines the influence of these dimensions on customers’ buying behavior in a business to customer relationship from the customer perspective in insurance industry. In order to conduct this study, a model is provided and empirically tested. Consequently, primary data has been collected by a properly designed questionnaire which was distributed among health insurance customers from three different hospitals in Coimbatore and the secondary data has been collected through online resources. Further, SPSS (14.0) has been used for determined the relationship between the selected model variables with using correlation and regression analysis. Finally, results showed significant relationships between customers’ perceived service quality as independent variable and relationship satisfaction and trust as dependent variables. On the other hand, the relationship between customers’ perceived service quality and relationship commitment is not supported in this study.