Fuzzy Intersectional soft BCK/BCI-ideals

  • Senthilkumar.S Assistant professor of mathematics, Sri Vidya mandir Arts & Science College, Uthangarai-TK, Krishnagiri-DT
  • Eswariprem.Dr Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Govt Arts College (MEN), Krishnagiri (TK&DT)
Keywords: Intersectional soft BCK/BCI-algebra, Intersectional soft BCK/BCI-ideal, ω-support


The notions of intersectional soft BCK/BCI-algebras and intersectional soft BCK/BCI-ideals in BCK/ BCI-algebras based on sub-algebras are introduced and their properties are investigated. Relations between an intersectional soft BCK/BCI-algebra and an intersectional soft BCK/BCI-ideal is provided. The concept of ω-support of a soft set is also introduced, and conditions for a ω-support to be a BCK/ BCI-ideal are considered.