Operations of Soft Set Theory

  • Balamurugan.M Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Sri Vidya Mandir Arts & Science College
  • Balasubramanian.G Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Government Arts College (Men), Krishnagiri - 635001. Tamilnadu, India
Keywords: Soft set, soft intersection, soft union,, soft subsets,, soft complement and soft difference


Molodtsov introduced the concept of soft set as a new mathematical tool for dealing with problems containing uncertainties. In the literature, different kinds of operations of soft sets are defined and used in theory and applications. Some researchers showed that some of these definitions have a few gaps.In this paper, we make contributions to the theory of soft sets in which we first make some modifications to the operations of soft sets. Until now, to define soft sets and their properties, the authors have used different subsets ofthe parameters set for each soft set. Whereas, we use a single parameter set for all of soft sets in our approach. We then compare the definitions with those defined before.