Fuzzy Logic Applications : A Survey

  • Satish kumar.J Head & Assistant Professor, PG Department of Mathematics,Sri Vidya Mandir Arts and Science College,Uthangarai
  • Moorthy.S Principal, Department of Mathematics, Principal, Govt. Arts College, (Men), Krishnagiri(Dt.)
Keywords: Fuzzy Logic, Transportation application, Transportation Problem


The fuzzy set theory has been applied in many fields such as operation research, management science and control theory etc. The fuzzy numbers and fuzzy values are widely used in engineering applications because of their suitability for representing uncertain information. The study of transportation problem
can be considered as a very interesting area as it deals with many different decision alternatives. In many occasions, those decision criteria require judgments from experts in specific areas, such as methods of pavement rehabilitation, techniques in performing transportation maintenance, transportation planning,
signal controls, and etc. In the real world, most of these issues are characterized by the uncertainty, ambiguity, or imprecise sets of information, which can be difficult to be translated into numerical values, so called the crisp values.