Tumultuous Transition In Indian Society Women of Githa Hariharan’s Novels

  • Gnanasurya.S M-Phil Scholar, Sri Vidya Mandir Arts And Science College, Katteri, Uthangarai
  • Jeeva.C Asst. Prof., Sri Vidya Mandir Arts And Science College, Katteri, Uthangarai


 Githa Hariharan’s novel articulates the problems of women, the basics of Indian society. The story ofthe novel deals about the society’s patriarchal pattern
and that society’s expectations and taboos laid by men. ‘Story within a story’ is the narrative technique which Hariharan employs in the novels. For any Indian
women, the institution of marriage ensures protection, love compatibility and happiness. Typically, marriage a woman expects happy events, compassion, empathy, mutual understanding and a protective atmosphere to be provided by her husband. However, marital life in India lays a lot of restrictions and constraints which constrict women from a life of freedom. They suffer disappointment and disillusionment in the face of reality. The novels The Thousand Faces of Night, When Dreams Travel and Fugitive Histories is the portrayal of different faces of women suffering different kinds of problems and depicts the status of women in Indiansociety.