Portrayal of The New Women In The Novels of Shobha De

  • Saranya.N.K Ph. D Scholar, Sri Vidyamandi Arts and Science College, Katteri
  • Visalakshi.B ERK Arts and Science College, Erumiyampatti
Keywords: Self-identity, liberation, man-woman relationships,, traditional morality, tolerance, purity, subjugation, marginalization


This study proposes to throw light on the image of the new woman in the novels of Shobha De. Shobha De’s novels represent the new Indian woman’s voice. A ‘New Woman’ is in search of self-identity, seeking liberation in all walks of life, replacing the traditional image of Indian woman. The need for women to seek their identity is the message in her novels. Shobha De is an extremely talented writer. In her novels she shows a great insight in giving a real picture of the Indian life-style and psyche. Her artistic maturity and purpose are evident in her writings. She dazzles the readers with her frank and candid tales of human relationships, particularly man-woman relationship and old and new value patterns. The changing moral values of people reaching new heights in riches and civilization is given an unrestrained depiction in her novels.