Bio Conversion of Sunflower Waste (Helianthus annuus) using an Earthworm, Eudrilus eugeniae and Its Nutritive Values

  • Murali.M Department of zoology, Sri vidya Mandir Arts and Science college Katteri - 621 007, Krishnagiri - Dt, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Neelanarayanan.P Research Department of Zoology, Nehru Memorial College (Autonomous), Puthanampatti -621 007, Tiruchirappalli District
  • Chennakrishnan.C Chennakrishnan, Department of zoology, Govt. Arts College (Men) Krishnagiri- Tamil Nadu
Keywords: Eudrilus eugenia,, EM,, Macronutrients, Vermicompost, Sunflower harvest waste (Helianthus annuus)


The increasing waste generation rate, high collection cost and dwindling financial resources are the major problems faced by most of the developing countries for efficient solid waste management. In some agriculture wastes the environmental deterioration. Biological processes such as composting followed
by vermicomposting to convert agriculture wastes (as valuable nutrient source) in agriculturally useful organic fertilizer would be of great benefit. Therefore this technique is studied in the present research work. The vermibeds were prepared by mixing the processed Sunflower harvest wastes i.e., predigested
with EM was mixed with cured Cow dung in different propositions Viz., 50:50 and 60:40 (each concentration in triplicates) and they were filled in plastic trays, individually. Simultaneously, controls was prepared and maintained. Hundred Eudrilus Euguniae adult worms were introduced into each of these trays excepting the controls. The conversion ratio of wastes in to vermicompost was found to be high in 50:50 propositions (1366) The cocoons and young ones productions was found to be higher in 50:50 proposition than the other two propositions. Further, vermicompost obtained from 50:50 concentrations in high compared to the other concentration. The results of the present study obviously suggest that the Sunflower harvest waste with Cow dung at 50:50 propositions can very well be used for converting in to value added Vermicompost by utilizing E. euguniae.